With the World Cup in Russia just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most iconic and colourful shirts that have graced the pitch over the years. As you’ll probably agree they put the modern efforts to shame.

HOLLAND - 1988

The unmistakeable orange shirts of the Dutch have always stood out, but this Adidas kit from Euro 88 is head and shoulders above the rest. This is still in huge demand and is still being reproduced, an original will set you back upwards of £500! Well worth the investment if you ask us!


This grey effort by Umbro was short lived. After being worn a few times at the beginning of the season, the players would complain that the grey colour would make them blend in with the crowd. This proved so much of an issue that in a game against Southampton they changed to a different blue kit at half time, they never wore the grey one again. Since then it has become a bit of a cult classic.

MEXICO – 1998 

This very distinctive shirt was manufactured by ABA Sport. The Aztec pattern is not something you see much of in modern football, something that we think we should definitely change.

ENGLAND - 1996

This kit was designed by Umbro in grey to be worn with jeans, a good selling point we guess but you probably want its performance on the pitch to be your main focus! This sported with the colourful England goalkeeper kit is probably the most 90’s looking thing you will see this week.

USA – 1994

This shirt couldn’t look more American if it tried. This star-spangled shirt by Adidas is a classic.



In 2013, Brazilian team Madureira decided to sport a shirt bearing the face of Che Guevara. This was to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary of a visit to Cuba the team once made. We can’t imagine there are many faces you can get away with putting on a football shirt, this is a winner though.

ENGLAND – 1990 

This effort by Umbro from 1990 is our favourite in the office (it’s not just because we are English!). Even though it was worn on the pitch, this shirt is more well known for featuring in the World in Motion music video, which features the John Barnes rap. If you haven’t seen it we suggest you give it a search on YouTube.

HULL CITY – 1993

Nicknamed the Tigers, this tiger print shirt sported by Hull in the 90’s is definitely out there. Animal-based designs is something we’d like to see more of, maybe a shirt that looks like genuine fur, or a chameleon? You can have those ideas for free.


Throughout the 1990s, Mexican goal keeper Jorge Campos was very well known for his outrageous shirts, that he was in fact responsible for designing himself. Seems to be a great way to put off the oppositions strikers!

NIGERIA – 2018 

In a time of very boring template kits that for some reason are being churned out year after year, for the 2018 World Cup Nigeria have bucked the trend with this absolute beauty. It has been reported that Nike have received 3 million+ orders for this shirt.

Author - Kieran Pollard

June 01, 2018 by Kieran Pollard



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