Stone Island has always been popular amongst many, from the Paninaro youth culture in the 80s to football enthusiasts, and more recently the Grime and Rap scene with the likes of Drake and Travis Scott. Yet, no matter who is buying Stone Island, one thing that seems inevitable is the hundreds of fakes plastered over the internet. I have put together this guide in the hope that you can learn a thing or two on spotting fakes. Also, to hopefully stop anyone from being bumped when it comes to purchasing Stone Island.  

Going to try keep this short and sweet (as much as I can).


To some, this may seem common sense, but if it is too good to be true price wise, then you can be 99.9% certain that it will be a fake. Don’t get me wrong you can grab a bargain, but Stone Island is expensive, especially new items so just be wary. There are a ton of moody sites out there selling Stone Island at stupidly low prices, I have popped an example below. Avoid these kind of sites like the plague. 

Art No.

All Stone Island items should have an art number on the wash label, unless it is a proper vintage piece (before 1986) then, in that case, it may not. One main thing to keep in mind, is that the majority of fakes will have 222 at the end of the art number. 

Tag example (1) – Art no. 49151504/251 

Tag example (2) - Art no. 28154X44/4

How it works:

The first two numbers let you know the year and season when the item was made.

Even numbers = Spring/Summer range

Odd numbers = Autumn/Winter range


Art No.


Art No.


Art No.


Art No.






































































In example (1), the two numbers are 49, meaning it’s an Autumn/Winter item from 2008. Then for example (2), the two numbers are 28 meaning it's an Spring/summer item from 1998. 

The next two number show you the brand they come under:

13 – CP under 16

14 – Stone Island Denim

15 – Stone Island

16 - Stone Island Junior

18 – CP Company

20 – CP Donna

In both cases, you can see on the labels, 15, meaning it is Stone Island

The fifth number shows the type of item:

0 – Leather

1 -  Shirts

2 – T-Shirts

4 – Shoulder Pieces

5 – Knitwear

6 – Sweatshirts

7 – Long Coats

8 – Suit

9 – Bags/Hats/Accessories

A – Jacket/Blazer

B – Swimming Trunks

G – Waistcoat

L – Bermuda Shorts

M – Jacket

S – Shoes

In this case, the example (1) has the number 1, meaning it's a shirt. And example (2) has the number 4, meaning it's a shoulder piece. 

The last 4 numbers refer to the manufacturer, material, dying and treatment processes.

Buttons & Zips

The buttons should always have Stone Island printed around them unless it is a really old piece. The centre should be a cross, not 4 holes which you see on a lot of fakes. However, certain jackets do not apply to this rule.

An example of real buttons

The zips will always be manufactured by a reputable brand such as YKK or Lampo or feature the brands name and logo printed on them. However, this is not always the case, but when looking at the zips, you will want to see if they look and feel of a higher quality as they are made to last, so will never be flimsy.

Arm Patch/ Badge

This can sometimes confuse people, as some replicas will have real badges, and some real items may have ended up with a fake badge on them (Second-hand gear). But you want to check for drop stitching near the buttons, that’s one big giveaway. Also 9 times out of 10, a fake badge will look off colour wise, look out of proportion, stitching off, and like card, it looks that hard. Remember to keep in mind that there are numerous types of badges, for example, green edge badges (Vintage badges), the standard badge, Ice badges etc. 

Fake buttons & Badge Example - 4 holed buttons, stiff batches, colours off, and no drop stitch near the button holes

Real buttons & Badge Example – cross buttons, drop stitch on the button holes, stitching is fine (this is an example of a used item)

An example of real buttons & a vintage green edge badge

Another example of a vintage green edge badge (front shot)

An example of a vintage Stone Island badge (back shot)

An example of a fake modern badge

There are also a few different badges that you don't see as often which are worth noting. Here are a few examples of the real versions.

Top left - 30th anniversary Tela Stella jacket badge. Bottom left - Ghost badge, you may also see these in different colours. Top right - Seen on Stone Island ice items. Bottom right - mesh Stone Island badge seen on a mixture of items.

Some laughable examples of Stone Island fakes

And a personal favourite... (By the way, items will never have a double badge)


The last thing to touch on is to do with more recent Stone Island items. Since the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Stone Island has used Certilogo. This allows people to check the authenticity of their Stone Island item using the 12 digit code, or scanning the QR code with their phone. These will always be found on the security labels inside the item. See an example below.

Right, that's the end, hope that all helped and you now know how to spot that Clone Island. Thanks for reading, this is only Episode 1 by the way, I will be writing these on many other brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc. so make sure to keep an eye out!

Author - Lyle Cross



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jim said:

i have a vintage stone island baseball cap with green edge logo on the front and a cp company inside the cap is it real


Paul said:

Hi got 2 pair of 2 pair stone island jeans 2010 season ,can anyone tell me why badge is not centre of right hand back pocket thought it always centre


Pauline said:

Hi, really appreciate your work. It‘s fascinating how to spot fakes!
I recently bought a Stone Island vintage jacket.
Code is 44144KC9/1085
Artcheck says it is from Spring Summer 2006 collection.
Could you give any advise ?


Shina said:

Hey I wanted to know if anyone can verify my white crewneck? 674743607885


adam said:

i found a t shirt for sale was wondering if it is fake it has a badge on the arm and a stone island logo in the middle it isnt a badge so wondering if it is fake or not

Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax Amsterdam said:

Hi, the all black badge (left bottom) is a Shadow badge, and not a Ghost.

Kind regards AFCA 413


Valerie said:

I have an old cp company undersixteen zip up art 49136514/1304 saying not real


Roger said:

Hi, need help, I have a Stone Island top that was given to me many years back. It has a green edged arm logo. I think it is probably 1991/92. Is there any web site that if I send pics of the top can tell me if it is genuine or fake.


Rich Stevenson

Rich Stevenson said:

A great guide thank you. A couple of discrepancies regarding the buttons, sometimes the words Stone Island are not imprinted and it has been known for images to be embossed instead. I have a shirt dating back to around 1996 where the words Stone Island have been replaced by an embossed “anchor”. The item was purchased from Limey’s in Sheffield (now gone) and this was a reputable retailer.


Isak said:

I really would be interested in knowing either my hoodie is fake or real the art number is 471433AP/88

Julie Hopkins

Julie Hopkins said:

Hi do vintage Stone Island shirts (roughly year 1999) all have the green woven label on the sleeve or did some shirts not have the label?


sue said:

Nokia for stone island brown reflective camo gillet. Built in headphones, hood, burnt orange zipper/seems only numbers I see are
top label:
Style no: Vm916 on care label. There’s no art it says made in China. have I got any worth for ebaying it.

Steven McNulty

Steven McNulty said:

Does Stone Island make some of there clothing in vitanam. Ino the far East. And should it have made in Italy on the label. ?

Aga boosha

Aga boosha said:

Just so you now know that Stone Island are doing garments with double badges one on the left arm as usual and the other on the left side of the chest which is a small square badge usually by suprime said:


Des haggerty

Des haggerty said:

Thanks for the info. Broken down in Leihman’s terms for simpletons just like me, cheers for taking the time to put it together


Ben said:

i bought a stone island jumper a while back and think it could be fake. the art number is 471433AP/88

James Pimm

James Pimm said:

Hi, I have a stone Island top bought from a store with an art number 101522C15. I say I have but in fact I sold it on eBay and the buyer says it is fake as it has no certilogo.
Please advise.


James said:

I have a stone island Dennis zip up hoodie. It doesn’t have art number but it is quite old. Where could I get it checked

Allison smithson

Allison smithson said:

I bought a jacket and I think it’s fair. Could you tell me the year and colour from this art code please. It’s 571540222
Kind regards

John Lucas

John Lucas said:

This so superb! I want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking article.

Thanks for sharing
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Amaro.v said:

Hey found this super helpful but I was wounded when stone island stop doing the green edge Bages. Hope to hear from you

Armando Hill

Armando Hill said:

This guide looks really nice. I was trying to compile a list of resources that talk on spotting fake stone island clothes on my site ( ). Will add also this guide there :) . Keep up the good work.

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